Invitation to RISKS MANAGEMENT Session


Topic 1: Industrial Risks Management by Professor WYBO Jean-Luc

Nowadays every manager in a company is facing a number of risks that may endanger the profitability of business and the reputation of the company. In the worst cases, risky situations may result in heavy consequences for people and the environment, leading to engage the legal responsibility of managers and company’s representatives.

Managing efficiently different kinds of risks in a complex environment needs a global approach addressing human and organizational aspects.

IEDP is offering a new series of five Modules (RM2-RM6) that aim at providing managers with an efficient toolbox, to make them aware of the main features to set up a good risk management strategy and to give them insights of the main processes to set in place, run and control.

These 5 New Modules on Industrial Risks Management will not train top managers to become “risk managers”, but more importantly to be able to identify and control the risks inherent to their activities and to interact efficiently with people in charge of running the risk management processes.


Topic 2: GeCoPolitical Risks in Business by Professor Chalom Schirman

The Module (RM1) will highlight and explain the business risks and opportunities stemming from political choices made by different countries where your company operates, the threats - and opportunities - to business interests created by different actors in the geopolitical arena.

It will provide the general framework and background for understanding international political and economic relations, the power relationships between states and other actors in international interactions that impact business activity, including global corporations and international economic organizations.

You will be given tools for forecasting risks and opportunities, for mitigating risks and analyzing opportunities.

Using a combination of case studies, geopolitical profiles and scenario building exercises, you will explore effective ways to craft an international strategy that mitigates risks and takes advantage of opportunities.


Time:           10th April, 2014 2 p.m—4 p.m

Venue:         TBC

Admission:   Free