Tongji-SEM-IEDP Research to Business (R2B) Platforms

What you can expect

China’s XIIth Five-Year Plan’s indentifies Research & Development (R&D) as the main engine of growth. This can only materialize when scientific creations/inventions reach the market. A crucial factor of success is efficient collaboration between scientists and business people. State-of-the art practices to improve the understanding of each other’s perspectives will be mutually and equally beneficial to Scientists, Research Directors in Laboratories or in R&D units of firms as well as to Business managers. This is the objective of the Tongji-SEM-IEDP first RtoB Meeting Platform, opening in January 2015.

Content of the Workshop

The Program


Keynote speech:

Scientific Discoveries and

Marketable Products

Professor Ada YONATH

Nobel Prize Laureate 2009

The Weizmann Institute (Israel)

Round Table:

When Science Meets Business: Pains, Needs, Desires, Solutions

issues, training tools and methods for improving the collaboration between scientists and businesspeople

With the participation of,

* Prof. ZHANG Taolue, Director IP Center, Tongji University

* Professor Brigitte GICQUEL, Institut Pasteur (Paris, Shanghai)

* Dr. Andreas TSCHIRKY, VP Tigermed Hangzhou

* Dr. Oliver LUTZE, Global patent expert, SPRUSON&FERGUSON

* Mrs Laure Pallez, business development IPS

Admissions and logistics
Dates: January.9, 2015
Fees: Free
Language: English
Venue: Tongji University
Deadline for registration: December 30, 2014