MUST: Management of Urban Smart territories The first Executive Education Program on Smart Cities

What you can expect

Tongji-SEM IEDP in collaboration with ESCP, the leading Business School in Europe and INSPER Business School in Sao Paulo (Brazil) announce the opening of a high-level seminar for leaders of industries and public servants involved in the planning of future intelligent cities from China, France and Brazil.

The seminar will last one week in each one of the 3 cities (Shanghai, Paris and Sao Paulo) in the months of October 2014, January 2015 and February 2015.

It is open to 10 participants only from each country and will focus on the experience and contribution of advanced centers of research and R&D centers in public and private corporations in China, France and Brazil, in the fields of sustainable urban development, eco-cities, intelligent transportation, communication, health and education systems.

It will enable participants from the private and public sectors to benchmark, visit pilot projects in the 3 countries and open new collaborative projects at the international level.

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Content of the Workshop
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