Director's Message

Chalom Schirman

In the next decade, even more than in the past years, Chinese Corporations will become active actors and operators in the global market. They will negotiate with business people from different cultures, partner with foreign interests, acquire foreign firms, need to manage plants and business units overseas, invest in ventures outside of China, be exposed to global risks, etc.

Furthermore, whether operating as a JV, FOE, SOE or private-owned Chinese Company, in China or abroad, disruptive technologies keep emerging in fields of expertise of all experienced managers. New ways of managing knowledge-workers are being developed; innovative technologies are being put to use; decision-making processes are continuously being remodeled and re-adapted to both local and global markets and for companies that are turning increasingly multicultural.

Tongji-SEM IEDP has developed several Series of executive and Corporate education aiming at empowering your company and your managers to cope with and rise above these challenges, achieve lasting results, enhance profitability, increase job satisfaction and enlarge your professional network in China and overseas.

Tongji-SEM IEDP is offering over 50 different Modules as executive Workshops or Seminars, in all managerial disciplines, geared to the internationalization and globalization of business activities and operations.