Program Overview
IEDP (International Executive Education at Tongji University) offers a wide range of management training for senior executives in all corporations. They are taught in English and in Chinese with translations in both languages by Chinese and international faculties, experts and recognized practitioners. IEDP offers corporations in China and abroad tailor-made seminars, workshops and modules etc. in 6 different tracks.
Why IEDP ?

Global executives face new challenges, new opportunities, new issues and new obstacles;

Tongji SEM and its strategic partner business school in 4 continents deliver undated, innovative, research-based and experience-grounded content and methods;

You can tap our unique international network of foreign partners in the executive education world on four continents to build executive development programs for your senior staff and top managers;

Managers also can individually either join one of our ready-made programs or create their own curriculum.
For Whom ?
Chinese corporations going global, operating abroad: State-Owned Enterprises, Private Corporations;
Foreign Firms operating in China or entering the Chinese market: Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises, Joint Ventures, and Representative Offices;
Chinese Executives operating overseas;
Expatriate Executives in China;
Corporate Universities and Colleges.